Environmental Involvement

towards sustainable development

Participating in a green economy, sustainable prosperity for generations to come, and especially contributing to the welfare of our contemporaries are central to our concerns. Neglecting these factors alter the meaning of what we do.

And so these are the actions we took to further these objectives:

  • We make sure to market recyclable containers.
  • We used the maximum recycled inputs for the making of our products.
  • We used the maximum biodegradable inputs of origin product to ensure that our products are themselves biodegradable.
  • We adapted our packaging to minimize waste of space and optimize shipping.
  • We encouraged, at the height of our ability, bicycle recovery initiative supported by Cyclo North-South.


But we still have much to accomplish, and so we are actively pursuing future goals, such as….

  • Finding resistant PVC-free labels.
  • Establishing a comprehensive policy of responsible purchasing.
  • Obtaining certification “ICI on recycle! ” From the Recyc-Quebec agency.
  • … any ideas of what more we could do?  Tell us about it!